Tanya Lesh

Guest Services Coordinator

Tanya assumed the role of Guest Services Coordinator at WeSPARK in November 2023, bringing a wealth of experience from various administrative and managerial roles. Her professional journey includes serving as a Hiring Manager, Media Director, and Community Liaison at Shape House, a renowned Urban Sweat Lodge. She later transitioned to TV, coordinating 6 seasons of a popular Facebook Watch series before returning to Shape House as Operations Manager through the post-COVID landscape until the establishment’s closure in late ’22.

Prior to her current position, Tanya devoted the previous year to community service, contributing to hospice administration, dog fostering, and serving as a birth doula. Notably, she volunteered her time guiding youths at a camp designed for those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one. Tanya is drawn to purposeful endeavors that enable her to establish connections and contribute meaningfully through service.

During her free time, she enjoys cuddling her rescue dog, rock climbing, drum lessons, and is also a Public Notary. Eager to associate herself with organizations that share her values and make positive contributions to those in need, Tanya is enthusiastic about joining WeSPARK and playing a part in its impactful initiative.