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It’s November which means we’re starting a new 30 Day Virtual Challenge! The theme for this month is gratitude. Each guest who registers for this challenge will commit to posting one thing they are grateful for each day in the month of November.

 How do you participate? Just follow these easy steps!

*Make your Instagram page public
*Follow weSPARK on Instagram (CLICK HERE)
*Post one thing you are grateful for each day
*Tag us in the post
*Tag us in the photo
*Use the hashtag #wespark30daysofgratitude


For example:

I am grateful for my amazing support group and how loving they have been throughout my journey. #wespark30daysofgratitude @wesparksupport

I am grateful to be waking up in a warm bed, in my own home surrounded by the people I love. #wespark30daysofgratitude @wesparksupport

I am grateful for my yoga practice. It has kept me sane and grounded during tough times.  #wespark30daysofgratitude @wesparksupport

Any guest who completes 10 days or more receives a limited edition T-shirt. Happy posting!

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