Acupuncture can effectively treat many of the side effects of cancer. It can also help your body repair itself and thrive once more.


Breathwork (controlled breathing) is a powerful form of meditation that helps to reduce emotional and physical stress and anxiety. Consciously breathing along with the help of sound therapy and aromatherapy, starts to move blocked energy and emotions from the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and with mental clarity.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a relaxation tool that aims at easing stress, and promotes a sense of peace and tranquility during difficult times. The facilitator guides the individual into a safe place or sanctuary and assists their mythic journey while inducing total relaxation. This process allows for the desired result of a mind/body connection that facilitates a sense of wellness.


Meet one on one with a Certified Hypnotherapist to work on sleep issues, stress, relaxation, pain management, and fatigue.

Nurse Navigation

Are you struggling to sort through your medical options? Not sure what questions to ask of your doctor? Looking for alternatives or suggestions for symptom management? The WeSPARK Nurse Navigator can help with all this and more. Our nurse navigator provides individualized, personal medical consultations, providing you with answers and resources to better manage, understand and navigate your cancer. She will work with you and your family to educate and support you through your medical decisions and treatment options.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition can play an integral part in the fight against pre-existing cancers as well as overall cancer prevention. Balanced nutritional intake with the incorporation of certain “super-foods” can help one feel stronger and possibly have more energy throughout their course of treatment or recovery. These personal sessions can help you learn simple tips on how to obtain a healthier diet/lifestyle with ultimate goal of decreasing overall cancer risk.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong consists of gentle movements and various meditations designed to massage internal organs, balance and strengthen the body’s energies, relax the mind and improve the body’s circulation. Qi Gong techniques ignite the body’s natural wellbeing and healing ability.


Reflexology is a natural non-invasive, complementary approach to stress reduction and improved health performed by applying specific pressure and touch techniques to certain areas of the body. Frequently reported benefits include: profound relaxation, improved sleep, reduction of stress and pain, improved immunity and circulation, increased energy and productivity, relief of headaches and more.


Reiki is an alternative practice that attempts to harmonize and balance the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Reiki can help relieve stress, reduce pain, increase energy, stabilize thoughts and emotions, and create inner harmony.

Strengthen & Stretch

Strengthen & Stretch is designed for people managing cancer diagnoses, surgery, or treatment.
Rediscover your mobility and improve your muscle strength and balance.

Tai Chi

A slow flowing form of exercise often referred to as a moving meditation. A graceful gentle exercise that anyone can learn to do. Tai Chi is an exercise that is beneficial for mind and body and will help reduce stress, improve balance and coordination, enhance memory, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Beginners are welcome.


Yoga’s use of exercise, breathing, and meditation aid in decreasing negative emotions, sleep problems, pain, and fatigue and increase anxiety control.