March is National Nutrition month!!! Each March and throughout the year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the nation’s largest group of nutrition experts, encourages everyone to return to the basics of proper nutrition. This can mean many different things for cancer patients and there is a lot of confusing information out there. So if you or a loved one are a cancer patient, weSPARK offers Nutritional Counseling in English and Spanish once a month with Lilly Padilla, CHC, AADP and cancer survivor.

We also have a special workshop on Thursday, March 12 at 6:30pm focusing on Healing Digestion and Rebuilding Immunity. Our nutritional coach will focus on what foods are best to improve immunity and increase energy, the importance of food combining, the art of chewing, the optimal ways to heal your digestion, assimilate nutrients, and control calories.

Come join us for these events and help us celebrate March as National Nutrition Month!!!