Eight Ways I Navigated the Holidays During Breast Cancer Treatment

Three weeks after her breast cancer diagnosis, Jennifer began chemotherapy. She soon realized she couldn’t attend large family gatherings or holiday parties. Here, she shares the eight things her family did to maintain the holiday spirit during treatment.

  1. We broke tradition. We decided not to cook traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. We opted to choose a different, smaller menu so we would be able to handle the cooking process. This also allowed us to experience something new and exciting!
  2. We were blessed to have my mom and her neighbor decorate our home before Thanksgiving to brighten our mood. We broke the “no decorations before Thanksgiving” rule. As a result, we were able to enjoy the decorations longer. This greatly benefited our kids and kept the mood in our home light.
  3. We planned mini-visits. Instead of hosting or attending large gatherings, we planned 20- to 30-minute visits with family and friends. We could still see the people we love the most, but the shorter visit windows allowed me to not get overwhelmed and rest when needed.

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