By Meagan Couto

It is a difficult step to go deep within ourselves. Very difficult. Yet, the art of self-discovery and self-improvement is always a journey and progress…not perfection by any means. If perfection was our goal, we would drive ourselves to the brink of mental exhaustion and resist change. When it comes to becoming a happier individual, resistance is what we want to resist. In this moment, take a deep breath and tell yourself this affirmation: I am enough today and tomorrow I will be even happier.

It is a day-by-day evolution to feel less mental, emotional and physical stress, but it is not impossible. To imagine yourself as perfect is to put a limitation on the Universe, and the Universe deserves more credit than that. It deserves to be recognized as limitless and abundant. It has a never-ending supply of gifts for you. How do you find these gifts?

Many negative experiences from our past become rooted in our bodies, molding us to have certain behaviors (i.e. distancing ourselves, being short-tempered, quitting projects). When not addressed they become root-bound, twisted and knotted desperate for a way to reach more nourishment in order to grow and bear fruit. This is much like a potted plant that has not been transplanted into a bed of rich soil. We are not to tear the plant out, snip it into tiny pieces and spread it on the ground to decompose. Nor are we to leave it be to eventually destroy the plant completely. We are to take a close look, to study the plant, and figure out what it needs in order to heal. These roots within are still a part of our character and can be nurtured back to health, used as an aid to find the route of becoming our best selves. They are not to be taken for granted. These roots are the gifts from the Universe, and they are already inside of you.

What nutrients can you provide your roots? This is not where I provide a list of things to do and not do. Rather, this is where you must learn what it is that makes you think and feel what is really going on inside. These are the moments when you are alone and your mind paces with a kaleidoscope of negative thoughts. When this moment comes to you, do the following:

  1. Stop the kaleidoscope.
  2. Bring your mind into your heart and solar plexus.
  3. Hone in on the feelings for a while. Just feel. Try not to think.

Clearing the space in your mind will allow your roots to tell you what they feel and the answers of what they need will come into your mind now. If you can, write these feelings out and do not stop until the solutions emerge. It is inevitable that they will come. Be patient. You can expect to get responses like:

~ I have been so caught up in work that I do not spend time with family.

~ I have not been communicating with love.

~ I have been eating a lot of junk food and need more plants in my diet.

~ I have not been a great listener.

~ I have been a people-pleaser, not providing any care for myself.

You must give yourself credit and know that you will come up with solutions to what your roots are telling you. Trust the nature of your roots to guide you in finding your route to pure joy. Do not let your authentic spirit decompose, let it bear fruit.

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