The Moon Cycle teaches us so much about ourselves such as which direction we are heading and what we are ready to let go of in our lives. The full moon and the new moon typically take about two weeks per cycle. On the night of the full moon on June 9th we will embark on another chapter along our journey toward health and wellness. What does that mean for you?

The Full Moon is a time to look at three areas of your life: emotional/spiritual balance, health and career. Sometimes we blame the full moon for our negative emotions. Very often I hear others share that they are “feeling the full moon” and are “burning” with anger, sadness and depression. What is really happening in those moments is that we are being given signals to “wake up and begin composting!”


That’s right! This is the moment to look at your own life and evaluate what is ready to break down and come to an end. The moon is not punishing us with her power, she is guiding us.

If we ignore the signals sent to us by the full moon we miss an opportunity to address changes that must be made in our lives and purge what is no longer needed. Ignoring impending changes is akin to putting a band-aid on a wound only to have it return in 4 weeks. So, when the Full Moon pulls around, be sure to really listen to your body. You are receiving messages! Take a few moments to answer the questions below. If you choose to do this, and take it seriously, you may begin to see amazing transformations in your relationships, emotions, energy level, communication and motivation.

Questions to ask yourself during the full moon:


  1. Is there anything I am feeling right now that has a deeper layer from my past?
  2. In what ways can I begin releasing this past-pain healthfully?
  3. How can I take a step each day to process these emotions and peel back the layers?
  4. When have I been at my happiest?
  5. How can I replace old painful habits that do not serve me anymore?


  1. What do I ingest that I KNOW does not serve a healthful purpose for me?
  2. In what ways can I eliminate these “indulgences” from my lifestyle?
  3. Do I have unfavorable habits that are caused by a deficiency in my relationships, career, spirituality, or physical activity level? (overeating, binging on sweets, alcoholic beverages, smoking, Netflix and chill, etc.)
  4. How can I take a step each day to create more healthful changes?
  5. What foods and exercise make me feel at my best?


  1. Are there any projects that have been sitting on the shelf for so long?
  2. Are there any unfinished projects that I can let go of and forget? Delegate?
  3. How can I take steps each day to completing a task worth doing?
  4. Am I in a career that serves my highest Self? Is it rewarding?
  5. In what ways can I create happiness in my work environment?

Sometimes the simplest things may be causing an imbalance in these areas. For instance, have you been wanting to “Spring clean” your entire house? Are you stressing over being in debt because you have not organized your finances? Are you still buying chocolate chip cookies on your way home? The list can go on, and I encourage you to look very, very deeply. You only have to do this once a month. Give yourself ONE hour and do it!

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