Did you know that your ideal weight, be it to lose, gain or maintain, may actually be achieved without the use of food? Of course, I’m not advocating to stop eating here.  I am suggesting we look at other very important areas of our life in order to reach our ideal weight goals. For instance, we can eat a proper amount of fruits and vegetables, but if you are not happy in a particular area of your life then weight management becomes a struggle.

Our life consists of many categories full of habits, conditioning, laughs, yawns, social engagements, finances, relationships, spirituality, career, even forgetting to put gas in our car. There are so many experiences we are faced with on a daily basis and for most, food is overlooked as a lower priority. There are many important things happening in our lives that do take priority. When we are still feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, suddenly the weight stores in our mid-section. In other words, isn’t every experience in our life (including food) falling under the same category that rules us all: Health?

We need to begin looking at health as the mother of our entire existence. Under Health we find that it is just as important to develop happiness in our careers, home environments, relationships, spirituality, physical activity, social time, and finances. Chances are if you are in an abusive relationship, have no control over your personal finances, absolutely hate your career choice, or suddenly stopped doing anything spiritual for yourself because you’re just too busy, well, your not going to reach your health goals.

Cortisol is the hormone that gets released during stressful situations and pumps the gut disrupting our digestive enzymes and chance at absorbing nutrients. The key here is to learn where you can find balance in all areas of your life. For career, do you feel like you need a new employer or is there a part of your job that brings you joy which you can focus on? Can you have more fun at work if quitting is not an option? For your finances, do you take a glimpse at what you’re spending based on your income? Do you have a list of “wants” that you can begin to have if you had a little extra savings? Will a new job offer more security and profit? Can you turn your after-hours hobby into a side business? For social engagements, can you review your planner on a weekly then daily basis and ensure there’s a block of time for you to meet with your loved ones, your tribe?

You see, there are always solutions to your health. If you are struggling in any area, or all areas, do not feel like you are alone. We need to be able to discuss these issues and recognize that there is a list of folks out there facing the same struggles and wanting a better life. To achieve this, you must do some metaphysical homework and practice self-awareness. As Deepak Chopra discusses in What Are You Hungry For?, where you are now is a reflection of your story leading up to now and you can, in fact, change your story.

By Meagan Cuoto

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