It happens to all of us. You leave the doctor’s office with a list of medications, instructions on when to take them and how much of each and think, ‘How am I going to remember all of this?’ We checked in with our oncology nurse navigator, Rebecca Buck RN, for some tips on how to make managing your medications easier. Here’s what you should know:

  • Medication list
    • Name
    • Dose
    • Frequency (how often)
    • Is your medication as needed or scheduled?
    • Make a medication list/medication calendar
  • What Is Each Medication For?
    • Know what the medication relieves or treats
    • Ask your doctor if getting off a medication is possible – don’t do it yourself
    • Ask your doctor if there is another medication you could try instead that might have less side effects
  • Precautions To Be Aware Of
    • Ask you doctor what the symptoms or side effects are so you can look out for them
    • Know what the side effects are so you can speak to your doctor if one occurs
    • Just because it is on the side effects list does not mean it will happen to you
    • Know how side effects lists are made

Schedule an appointment with our oncology nurse navigator if you have any questions about your medications. Please bring all prescription bottles of medications that you’re on so we can do a full review of your medications.

Print the checklist below to bring with you to your next appointment!