Is Preventing Ovarian Cancer Possible?

Although there is no known way to prevent ovarian cancer, there are ways to reduce your risk. Some of these ways involve lifestyle changes and choices that may be easier. Others are more serious, like surgery to remove the ovaries. Even then, it’s possible for women without ovaries to develop ovarian cancer, although the risk is lower. While there is no known way to prevent ovarian cancer, there are steps women can take to reduce their risk.

Reducing the Risk for Ovarian cancer

Risk-reduction strategies vary depending on the type of ovarian cancer. Women may reduce their risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer, the most common type of ovarian cancer. Still, it’s unclear how to minimize the risk for other types of tumors in the ovaries, including germ cell and stromal tumors.

Certain ovarian cancer prevention strategies may raise some women’s risk for other cancers. Because reducing the risk of ovarian cancer is complex, it’s a good idea to discuss options with your medical provider.

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