Should Your Doctor’s Gender Make a Difference?

In 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell, who was turned away by at least 10 medical schools, broke the gender barrier and became the first woman to earn an American medical degree. In 2019, 170 years later, more women than men were enrolled in medical school.

Women and men walk the same paths to acquiring a medical education. They attend similar schools, take the same tests, do internships, residencies and continuing education. Gone are the days of Dr. Kildare, when all the TV doctors were men and all the nurses were women. Thousands of women are practicing as medical doctors and osteopaths in the United States today.

Even though there are more female doctors than ever before, some patients still may prefer to see a male doctor. In some cases, the preferences are driven by attitudes about gender that are rooted in classic stereotypes.

When considering your doctor’s gender, it’s essential to understand your own comfort levels with being examined by a physician of the same or opposite sex and choose accordingly.

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