We know there’s a lot of information on the internet about cancer and cancer treatment. We also hear lots of stories and concerns from our guests. With that in mind, we’re sharing a great round up of articles from our partner – Cancer Treatment Centers of America. If you click through, you’ll get the full article and that helps us grow as a leader in digital content.

Could the Stress Triggered by a Cancer Diagnosis Amount to PTSD?

When you think of someone suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may picture a soldier home from deployment. But researchers found cancer patients may also suffer from PTSD. After all, a cancer diagnosis is traumatic. Your life flashes before your eyes. Doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America say regardless of whether it’s PTSD, persistent stress, if left alone, may hinder a patient’s ability to handle treatment and fight off the disease.

Read more about their advice for surviving physically as well as emotionally.

Psychiatrists: the Doctors you Didn’t Expect to Need on your Cancer Journey

When going through treatment, you have a team of clinical experts around you. Medical oncologists. Radiation oncologists. Surgical oncologists. Nurses. Then there’s the psychiatrist. Dr. Noah Horowitz, a psychiatrist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America says this counsel might be critical for those battling the disease – when emotions can become overwhelming.


What You Should Know If You Are Considering a Clinical Trial

What is a clinical trial? Who should enroll? How do you know if you qualify? Navigating clinical trials may be difficult, but having a dedicated care team to help you answer complex questions may make the process easier.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® offers clinical trials at all five of its hospitals as part of its commitment to bringing patients new and innovative cancer treatment options. CLICK HERE to learn more about these trials, to search for a specific trial, or to search for trial options by cancer type.