Ayurveda is an ancient healing science and art practice from India that explores imbalances presenting physical, mental, and emotional manifestations.

Rooted in the elements and how they comprise everything in the world, this all-encompassing practice combines herbal medicine, food as medicine, bodywork, movement, and counseling to heal the root cause of disease. This ancient medicine understands what many of us are experiencing to be true – that the ecology within us and that outside of us are connected. Societal ills and personal ills are intricately interconnected. Rather than simply addressing the symptoms, Ayurveda explores the root of disease to create a sustainable balance that addresses the entire being.

One of Ayurveda’s great offerings is an excellent guide to living under the elements, thereby reminding us that we are not separate from the elements of nature but are composed of the same makeup. What is fascinating about Ayurveda is that it is simultaneously an intricate science and art and a super simple and accessible one. Like all beautiful things- music, nature, poetry there, it is complex and simple all at once.

Here are three ways to begin to bring Ayurveda into your life:

  1. Eating seasonally- The magic of this incredible earth we live with is that it gives us the medicinal foods to that season and local region. For example- figs, a variety of squash, and root veggies become available in the fall seasons here, which are precisely the foods that will balance our bodies as the fall season brings dryness, stiffness, and restlessness in the body and mind. Eating seasonally also allows us to support local farmers and growers and build relationships of gratitude and connection to the Black, Indigenous, and People of color that often grow our food. FOr many of us, connecting to Food as Medicine can empower decolonizing and liberating practice. We can also Connect to food by cooking it with love and attention and even growing our food.
  2. Mindfulness- Offer yourself daily routines to anchor you and bring you home into your body. A daily meditation practice can be a grounding force in our lives, and it need not be faced with strict discipline. Allow it to be nourishing and replenishing. Meditation can be done walking and observing nature around us, dancing and getting in tune with the body, in the form of prayer aligned with your faith or spiritual practice, lying down after a gentle yoga stretch, watching the ocean, or in a comfortable seat. The invitation is to be present and to be curious about your experience at the moment. Even 10 minutes a day can be a beautiful gift to yourself! Know that you are worthy of rest, joy, and care.
  3.  Ayurvedic Practitioner- Consider working with a certified and trained Ayurvedic Practitioner to guide you in assessing your unique elemental constitution and health need to create a custom healing plan with custom foods to favor on your healing path and, if applicable, formulas of entirely plant-based teas and capsules. An Ayurvedic practitioner will also support you with lifestyle recommendations that may include yoga, meditations, community support, and morning and night routines and rituals to help ground you and keep you on your path.

Withing you ease, joy, and liberation!

By Erica Rey
Ayurvedic Practitioner 

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