Processing the cancer diagnosis of a loved one is heart wrenching…step back for a moment and imagine if you were a child going through this life-altering experience. For children who have a parent in treatment or have lost a parent or loved one to cancer, weSPARK holds the “wee”SPARK Children’s Support Group every Monday at 4:00pm. Our “wee” SPARK program was created for fun and activities (Karate, Cooking, Arts and Crafts) while allowing kids to interact with each other who are experiencing similar challenges. Through group activities, children can find ways to express their feelings when they cannot find words.


The “wee”SPARK program provides kids with a safe space to play, share, and learn while channeling their creativity. Our program is facilitated by Bonnie Moore, L.C.S.W., and Courtney Diffner, L.C.S.W, who have over 50 years combined experience in the field. If you have or know of a child whose life has been affected by cancer, feel free to reach out to weSPARK at (818) 906-3022.