The weSPARK Online Community was conceived and constructed for cancer patients, their families and friends to access, participate in and benefit from the services provided at weSPARK Cancer Support Center in the privacy and safety of their homes. For 13 years, weSPARK has been providing, free of charge, services that assist individuals, families and friends who have been affected by cancer. Through service we found some of our participants might not be able to physically make a visit to our location in Sherman Oaks, CA but still needed the sessions with our facilitators. Our online community makes it possible for everyone to participate despite geographic or health barriers. It is a space for cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and experience.



Tips 4 Life:

Tips 4 Life is a curated database of real world wisdom segmented by phase (diagnosis, treatment, healing, wellbeing), cancer type, age, location and more.

  • For patients, Tips 4 life is a way to find what worked for the people who have just walked through the challenges you are facing.
  • For Everyone, Tips 4 Life are a gift you can share for those following in your footsteps.
  • For healthcare professionals, Tips 4 life serves as a place to share best practices with other professionals treating cancer patients.