We are so excited to introduce our upcoming 30 Day Self-Care Virtual Challenge! Throughout the month of June, we are encouraging our guests to take part in acts of self-care! Here’s how you can participate:

*Follow @wesparksupport on Instagram!
*Post a photo on Instagram each time you practice self-care during the month of June
*Add a caption below the post describing your practice of self-care
*Tag us in the photo
*Use the hashtag #wespark30daysofselfcare

Your profile must be public in order to participate. Guests who post 25 times or more in June will win a limited edition weSPARK t-shirt. There are many ways to practice self-care. While it may not always be easy to find time during the day to practice self-care, try doing some of the suggestions below!

*Take a long evening walk.
*Listen to your favorite album with the lights low and a candle burning.
*Nap outside.
*Dance — by yourself, in the kitchen, in a class, out on the town.
*Write in your journal.
*Make a meal, set the table, and enjoy without distraction.
*Go to your favorite coffee shop and order a special drink in a mug.
*Snuggle a pet.
*Visit a museum or window shop alone.
*Draw or paint.
*Do your favorite activity from childhood (color in a coloring book, swing on a swingset).
*Spend time on a hobby.
*Do yoga. If you already practice, try a new class or do it by yourself.
*Take a bath. (You’ll want to take this picture before you get in.)
*Bake, just for the sake of it.
*Have a spa day at home.
*Meet up with or Skype someone who makes you feel supported.
*Watch a funny film or a beloved classic.
*Take a picnic or have breakfast in bed.
*Reread a book you know you love.
*Knit, do a crossword puzzle, or play an instrument.
*Try something fun or relaxing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to yet.
*Sit in nature.
*Enjoy a hot tub or sauna.
*Get a massage.
*Watch the sunset or sunrise.
*Use lavender aromatherapy.
*Mindfully, eat some dark chocolate or fresh berries.

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