“In life, we tend to inhale more than we exhale.”

This phrase was certainly the take-away lesson from my Qi Gong session with Certified InfiniChi Qi Gong Practitioner Ed Sullivan.  Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The session encourages the balance of energy in your body and utilizes the breath to let go of toxins and heavy emotions and that can help strengthen your immune system and aid in relaxation.

In general – if we are not careful – we tend to take in or inhale more negative or stressful energy than we tend to release. This can come in the form of too much stress at work, a health ailment, a difficult time in ones life. Qi Gong stresses that we must always find way to release negative energy or exhale all things that disturb the balance of energy in your body. As an anxious person, I tend to stress way too much over things in my life. I worry about not meeting expectations at work, in my relationships and in any other extracurricular I have going on in my life. Hardly ever do I get a chance to relax and focus on balancing the energy in my body.

Qi Gong taught me that I should focus on one thing at a time. I cannot expect to solve all my troubles or meet my goals all in one day. We should not be overwhelmed by all the craziness in our lives and try to work on one thing at a time for the sake of finding that inner balance which will allow the body to stay focused on cleansing and strengthening.

Ed encouraged me to exhale all negative and stressful things in my life. He encouraged me to practice on my breathing to balance my emotions and he also urged me to do things on a daily basis that make me happy in order to deposit positivity back into my life.  Time after time we hear such positive feedback from our guests after just one session with Ed!  Join us for Qi Gong at weSPARK and learn how to find the balance in your life. Call our offices today to get started.

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