Zentangle is back at weSPARK during the month of May! Join us every Wednesday starting on May 10 for this artistic approach to meditative healing. Zentangle is a meditative art form that can bring relaxation, inner focus, and build self-confidence. It is a popular and therapeutic workshop here at weSPARK and it is taught by our certified Zentangle instructor Jody Church. Zentangle teaches that there are no mistakes, only opportunities.

I took my first Zentangle class during my first few weeks at weSPARK and it was a great experience. Jody carefully guides you through the process of tangling and encourages you to be creative with your work of art. We begin the process by drawing a border around the tile – a paper on which the art is created – by placing dots at each corner and connecting them. We then draw a spontaneous line to separate the tile into sections, which we use to draw out our tangles. Finally, shading is incorporated to give your work dimension. The end result is a gorgeous tapestry of beautiful images that are composed of a variety of geometric shapes. It is a wonderful way of creating art through structured patterns.

Jody encourages our guests  to let go of judgement, draw slowly and enjoy the process with no expectations. I found it to be a perfect way to relieve my stress and express myself. The process of tangling is a tool that can help us stay in the present moment and cultivate the practice of mindfulness.  “Just like real life, there are no erasers in Zentangle,” says Jody, “one learns that we can build and move from unexpected outcomes.” Contact us today to register for one of our weekly Zentangle workshops during the month of May!

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