We are thrilled to have been able to partner with The ‘My Fairy Godfathers Foundation last week to bring our guests some high end wigs and one-of-a-kind wig styling! This amazing duo consists of Steven Anderson and Andrew Ashton, two very talented hair designers who are passionate about giving back to women who have been affected by cancer. Keep reading below to find out a little more about this great foundation! Interested in finding out more about weSPARK services? View our monthly program email and contact us today!

Tell us about yourself. How did you begin your work with The ‘My Fairy Godfathers’ Foundation?

We have been helping young girls and women feel their best since we first started our work in the beauty business . With over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, you can say that we’ve developed a sort of ‘sixth sense’ when it comes to making women feel beautiful. In the early 2000’s, we created a contest called “Make me a Supermodel” which awarded the winner the chance to be a cover model. At first, we assumed this contest would only involve girls looking to have a chance to model, but the women who applied all had some kind of conflict or health related issue in their lives. It soon became apparent that there was an entire group of women and girls who really needed a boost of confidence and a chance to change the circumstances they were faced with. It was an eye opening experience for us. In 2010, we decided to dedicate our lives to help young girls and women in need. Each year, we work with a variety of recipients through the ‘My Fairy Godfather Foundation.’ We have supported a number of organizations such as the Pace Center for Girls, Dress for Success and Wig out Wednesday to name a few. Our mission is to bring beauty and a little fairy dust to the lives of young girls and women who would otherwise feel forgotten.

weSPARK Cancer Support Center is a non-profit in the Los Angeles area that provides free services to cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones. Tells us about your experience with weSPARK. What attracted you to our facility?

We were approached by weSPARK Board Member Andrew Zucker who heard about the program we created to improve the lives of cancer patients in Florida and asked if we could lend our services to weSPARK. Of course we said yes!

The ‘My Fairy Godfathers’ Foundation provides free wig shaping and styling to women affected by cancer. What transformation do you see when you work with these incredible women?

Every women wants to feel beautiful and of course more so when they are going through a devastating health issue . We find it gives them confidence and in turn gives them the strength they need to combat their illness.  By the end of our time with them they see themselves with a renewed confidence and we all cry some happy tears.

How can your work help benefit our guests at weSPARK?

Because we gift these wigs to these women  it is one less expense people who are already stretched financially have to worry about.

Where do you see your foundation in 5 years?

We hope to be a nationally recognized foundation that help women and young girls achieve their goals in spite of their circumstances.

What inspires you?

Seeing happiness in the faces of people we help, Kindness is a great inspiration to us. Seeing the success of the people we have come in contact with through our programs.

How do you practice self-care?

We are both great proponents of mind and body care. Exercise is important to both of us and we both take time recharge our batteries often.

Want to know more about this fantastic duo? Make sure to follow ‘My Fairy Godfathers’ on Facebook and Instagram! weSPARK Cancer Support Center is located in Los Angeles and offers completely FREE programs, workshops, classes and individual therapies to cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones.  Remember to take a look at our monthly program schedule for more information about the services we offer.

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