In recent studies, researchers have found that yoga might help to reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress for some cancer patients. Many cancer centers across the country, including the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, hope to show that yoga can help cancer patients of all ages cope with the stress and symptoms of their disease. You can read more about the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s integrative medicine department and their yoga initiatives here.



At weSPARK we also believe in focusing on a person’s mind and spirit during treatment. Yoga’s use of exercise, breathing, and meditation aid in decreasing negative emotions, sleep problems, pain, and fatigue and increase anxiety control.  We offer basic yoga, kundalini yoga, and gentle & restorative yoga. All of these yoga classes aid in finding healing energy within the body by using physical postures, breathing techniques, mantra, and meditation. No matter what stage of treatment you’re in, yoga classes at weSPARK are designed to be gentle and healing regardless of physical limitations guests may have.

To join a yoga class, please contact weSPARK at (818) 906-3022.