Erica Rey recently held her first Ayurveda workshop at weSPARK to a packed house. The introductory session gave Erica the chance to share her knowledge and passion for Ayurvedic practices. Aside from a series of monthly workshops, Erica is offering private sessions tailored to the needs of weSPARK guests. We spoke with Erica to learn more about this ancient practice and its application for people with cancer.

She said, “Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old practice that is the science of art and life. A way to find equilibrium. A way to be curious and engaged with life.”  It includes use of herbs, nutrition, bodywork and a spiritual component. In her work at weSPARK, Erica brings a focus on nutrition and lifestyle. Increased energy, pain management and calming for better sleep are a few of the benefits.

erica yoga

Why Ayurveda?

Erica shared a few reasons during the workshop.

  • Radical self-care and empowerment led by self-healing.
  • Natural remedies that connect us back to the earth.
  • The understanding that societal ills and personal ills are intricately connected.
  • The sessions are customized and yet interconnected with all.

Sessions include checking in to support things like stress management, sleep patterns, food and digestive issues. Gentle daily routines are introduced such as self-massage, mantras and yoga poses.  Erica looks at Ayurveda as another way in, another tool that people dealing with cancer can use for wellness.

In approaching health and wellness, Ayurveda encourages self-awareness through the mind and body. Erica’s sessions incorporate basic Ayurvedic principles to identify body constitution in order to develop a personalized nutrition plan, identifying areas for growth and challenges, herbal recommendations and more.

We’re so pleased to share that Erica’s work at weSPARK includes a weekly yoga class in Spanish as well as monthly Ayurveda workshops and weekly private sessions. Her next Ayurveda workshop will be on February 23rd at 11am. To find out more, register for the workshop or schedule a private session, contact us today!

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