Imagine being able to sleep better, reduce stress, and manage pain simply by using your own body…this is all possible through Mindfulness Meditation.

Current scientific studies have shown mindfulness practices reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure as well as improves the memory, concentration and immune system, while increasing a sense of well-being. Mindfulness practice is a system that develops and sustains the tools which cultivate happiness, health and well-being. This sense of overall well-being can be achieved through mindfulness and breathing techniques.


In a 2014 meta-analysis of scientific studies on mindfulness meditation, the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality said that “Meditation programs, in particular mindfulness programs, reduce multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress”. In particular, the meta-analysis found “that there is moderate strength of evidence that mindfulness meditation programs are beneficial for reducing pain severity.”

weSPARK offers Mindfulness Meditation in a few different ways. On Tuesdays we offer a Mindfulness Meditation workshop, which is a playful and enlightening class on Mindfulness. On Thursdays we have one-on-one mindfulness counseling available, where each session is unique to where you are and what you need in that moment, incorporating techniques including mindfulness meditation, breath work and restoratives.

weSPARK also invites you to join us this Saturday, May 9th for a Mindfulness for Restfulness and Pain Management Workshop. This is an interactive half-day retreat exploring methods of managing pain and cultivating states of restfulness through the Basic Mindfulness System. Learn to develop simple skills that will calm your mind, elevate your fulfillment, and decrease your suffering (emotional and physical).

If you’re interested in participating in any of these mindfulness programs, please call weSPARK at (818) 906-3022.