Earlier today, I booked an acupuncture appointment for a guest who has back pain from a tumor. She’s going once a week and supplementing acupuncture with other appointments such as reflexology. She sounded happy to report that her pain was lessened and she was feeling more relaxed.

As Program Director at weSPARK, I talk with cancer patients at all stages – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Chronic pain is often the result of the disease and/or treatment and comes in different forms. We developed Navigating Health through Wellness® (NHTW) to address specific issues and increase the overall quality of life for our guests.

As we look at pain management, here’s an overall guide to the different components of NHTW®.

Individual Appointments

We have anecdotal evidence that acupuncture helps keep pain at bay. But there are an increasing number of studies that show acupuncture to be effective tool in pain management for many people. Similarly, reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy and Qi Gong are also recognized modalities in managing pain. Each of these integrative practices works with the body to help in healing and relief from pain.

Movement & Classes

Yoga, guided imagery and breathwork are all classes that we offer regularly. The benefits of these classes come from focusing on the breath, relaxing muscles around the pain and reducing stress. NHTW® includes these integrative practices as well as our weekly class, Balance, Breath and Neuropathy. This class draws from mindfulness, yoga and acupressure and has helped guests dealing with chronic pain.

We also offer Tai Chi. This moving meditation helps release endorphins, increase mindful, steady breathing and gets you to move in a gentle way. And when you’re ready for a quicker pace, we have Zumba to give your mood a boost and loosen stiff muscles. Please note that all of these classes can be adapted to meet your level of physical activity.


We know that connecting with other people is critical to healing. Our support groups, potlucks and workshops function to keep people from isolating which can give pain free reign. Sharing stories gives you the chance to feel less alone in ongoing pain management.

We know that our guests who explore and use all these components of Navigating Health through Wellness® benefit. Think of NHTW® as your toolbox to break the pain. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or register for a class today!