By Jo Pessin, CHt
Mindful Living Facilitator

November and December are special months that are typically associated with the season of being grateful because of our traditional holidays. Certain nostalgic visions of sitting around a decorated table at home eating delicious foods may come to mind. We give the much needed acknowledgment and thanks for the important communal relationships of family and friends in our lives and perhaps the steady jobs and roofs over our heads that provide us with a safe haven. However, when we are living mindfully, we may find the largest goodness in even the smallest facets in our lives.

This holiday season, I encourage you to open your heart, mind and awareness to the simple things around you. How do you think your life would be positively uplifted if you found gratitude in routine acts you practice every day? The everyday gifts around you that may seem mundane and ordinary are actually quite extraordinary if only we allow ourselves to see another perspective. If we allow ourselves to slow down in the moment to appreciate and embrace the simple things in our lives, we find that we are surrounded by endless amounts of abundance that we may not have even considered because of what we habitually allow our focus to fall upon. What might you notice in your life that fills your soul with abundance and deep satisfaction in this very moment?  As you quiet your body and thoughts in your mind during meditation, can you give thanks to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath that fills your lungs and the awareness that you have for the rise and fall of your chest? Or perhaps can you allow your heart to smile for giving yourself the gift of stillness to take care of yourself with the benefits of mindfulness with gentle kindness and the intention of love, compassion and healing?

Once you open yourself up to the possibilities you will find that the gifts you possess right now are endless and fill your heart with joy and happiness as you allow it to naturally flow in right here, right now. Take the time to share it with others. Positive grateful energy is contagious and will not only create a lighter mood, attitude and outlook within yourself but also do the same for those around you. So, in addition to giving thanks in our traditional ways this season, why not create new traditions of giving thanks and taking advantage of the moment that is filled with plentiful gifts that surround you. Happy Mindful Gratitude to you and your loved ones. May you embrace the goodness in the smallest, simplest and most delicious morsels of your life and bask in their splendor and beauty.

Jo Pessin is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator. She is a skilled, understanding and patient professional hypnotherapist whose life passion is to help others see their innate beauty and potential in life. Jo leads a weekly Mindful Living class every Friday at 10 AM at weSPARK. She also facilitates individual hypnotherapy sessions. Visit her website and be sure to give her a like on Facebook. Call us for more info!

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