By Meagan Couto

I recently watched ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and find myself becoming more and more of a fan as I get older. While I appreciated the series from a very young age, there is something more I am recognizing as I venture further and further into holistic healing methods. Suddenly I crave to become a Jedi! What I have realized is that Jedis may be born with a special raw talent; a talent that puts them at a very spiritual level that most have to be trained for years to achieve by a Jedi Master. It has been known that some of these individuals may steer their energy into the darkness or the light, and either direction is powerful. It comes down to will, strength and courage to make the choice to use their energy toward where there is light. It takes following the heart, and not the ego; the authentic self.

In ‘The Last Jedi,’ Rey is at a turning point in her life where she may allow the darkness to encompass her or use all of her might to stay a part of the Resistance; resistance to darkness, pain and suffering. It is in this darkness where others are manipulative, apply pressure and cater words toward the ego in order to have her join in rebellion toward all that is good, pure and light.  Although, she knew that with the reinforcement of a master Jedi and the continuous and disciplined training by all things in the light, she could persevere.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I started off with a Star Wars reference. As a Jedi yourself (in training or a master aiming toward the light) you may have seen the hidden message I am displaying within these written words. We are not immune to suffering or darkness in any way. There will be much around us pulling us deeper and deeper into leading a negative lifestyle and that is a very strong force.  However, in Star Wars and in real life, where does the most force exist? The answer is always within the side of the light. So I urge you to remember that you already possess the raw talent to follow the light and not allow the darkness to overcome you. Be with your heart and learn to recognize when your ego comes through versus your true Self. One great way to do this is to practice a leading Jedi ritual, meditation. Meditation allows you to move away from a strictly “thinking mind” and opens up your third eye in order to no longer perceive, but to see the truth. And it is only in the light when truth is lit up. May the Force be with you, always.

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