What Cancer Patients Need to Know When Traveling by RV

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it may not seem like the right time to pack your life into a recreational vehicle (RV) and head for new horizons.

For some cancer patients, hitting the open road in an RV is a way to make the most of life—before, during, or after treatment—and set their sights on places to visit and experiences to have. RVs may offer many advantages over trains, planes and automobiles for patients who travel long distances for their cancer care.

For instance, with an RV, you can:

  • Avoid crowded airports, airplanes and transportation terminals, which is vital for cancer patients who are at higher risk of infection
  • Pack what you need—and what you think you may need, including clothes for different weather conditions, food, medicines and medical equipment
  • Spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones
  • Travel more comfortably with pets
  • Travel at your own pace, going only as far each day as you want
  • Relax and enjoy the open road, visit landmarks and stop at scenic overlooks
  • Feel more at home than in a strange hotel room
  • Unwind and decompress when your cancer treatments are over

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